Services List


    •  Human resources outsourcing (recruitment & selection, behavioral interviewing, aptitude testing, employee background screening, induction, exit interviewing)

    •  Human resource audit

    •  Labour law compliance audit

    •  Employment practices risk management

    •  Organisational development

    •  Change management

    •  Strategic HR management

    •  Employee relations

    •  Conflict management

    •  Career counseling

    •  Needs assessment

    •  Employee training

    •  Management and leadership training

    •  Training facilitation

    •  Employee morale/satisfaction surveys

    •  Remuneration surveys

    •  Job analysis & evaluation

    •  Job descriptions

    •  Policies and handbooks

    •  General technical assistance (Day-to-day assistance with HR and Industrial Relations issues)

    •  Short-term contractual employment

    •  Work-Life Programmes

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Providing leading business services

People Dynamics offers a variety of consulting services that help your organisation work more effectively.

The Business Center provides practical consulting assistance in areas dealing with organization change and the creation of high-performance work systems. We help leaders, staff, and design teams in planning, developing, and implementing new ways of working. Our high quality consulting and training expertise enable you to find success, avoid hidden obstacles, and optimize the contributions of employees at all levels.

services overview

Skill-Based Pay

Skill-based pay is a method of paying employees for their ability to perform a variety of functions. It is fundamentally different from job-based pay that stresses paying for only one position. We provide guidance in the development of skill-based pay programs for first-line workers. Most of these systems are used with production and maintenance workers in factory settings.

Open-Book Management

Organizations choosing to implement the open-book management (OBM) model will benefit from The Business Center's help turning theory into practice. While the OBM model is relatively straightforward, its practice requires understanding how to integrate the five elements involved: leadership, education, information, involvement, and rewards.

New Plant Start-ups

Our expertise on designing the work and organization structure for your new plant can be invaluable. It's easy to cast organizational design mistakes in concrete when building a new plant. We can help you avoid costly people-related errors in work design, hiring, communications, training, evaluation, and compensation.